About MBN

Welcome to myBeerNation,

myBeerNation started with a phone call between two old college buddies, Alex and Dan.  They both saw a need for a great app that not only finds breweries but also documents what they loved or hated about the beer they just had.  Alex and Dan live in the so called “Napa Valley of Beers”, Denver, Colorado home to the largest beer festival in America.

MBN is a combination brewery finder plus beer journal that emphasizes your individual beer drinking experience!  It took us well over a year to develop myBeerNation.  It is designed for everyone from the occasional beer drinker to the full-fledged professional beer judge.  The beer journal was developed using multiple beer judging forms used by the leading beer judging organizations worldwide.   You really can critique each beer in detail from start to finish!  When we started to develop the brewery database, we wanted a little more than just the brewery name and the beers they brew.  We wanted to know about the brewery!  Where they are located, if they give tours, have a tasting room, and if they sell beer to go!  With over 2400 breweries and counting, MBN is the place to find and share the beers you love, or don’t like with your friends!

Alex and Dan’s mission is to expand the Beer Nation and the craft beer revolution through myBeerNation.  We want our users to be a part of myBeerNation!  By helping us add beers and breweries to the nation’s database that we all can discover new and exciting beers.  With myBeerNation EXTRAS, MBN doesn’t just stop at the breweries and  their beer but also beer reviews from some of the top beer enthusiasts, brewery suggestions, beer festival information, and so much more!!!

We want to be the best beer app on the market today and every day.  We want to know what you think, please let us know how we can improve MBN or just send us a note so we can get to know you!  tourguide@mybeernation.com

Thank you for all of your help and support!

Alex and Dan